Guardian Oak Growth by Giving Association is a 501c3 that serves the healing and sanctuary needs of at-risk and under-served animals and people through therapeutic, creative, and recreational activities.



Guardian Oak (GO) was born in 2012 after observing the connection and healing that took place between animals and special needs people. Founder Sherri Crider was inspired by those interactions. Hoping to foster such connections, Sherri began to seek out and build opportunities for people to experience similarly profound human-animal interactions.

While Sherri and her family had long been involved with horses, rescue came into the mix when a group of horses in need found sanctuary on their farm. Ensuring the healing of those horses was a group effort, and GO was incorporated to allow for continued organizational development. GO began with the dual purpose of saving horses in peril and bringing those horses special needs to the attention of humans who could help them. 

Since then, GO has worked to combine the needs of the rescued horses with the needs of humans through rehabilitation, re-homing, riding, and other activities, with a strong focus on the healthful benefits of volunteerism and horsemanship. GO works each day to reduce the number of abandoned, neglected, or forgotten animals, and to reduce the number of horses being needlessly sent to slaughter in the United States.

During 2014, the Year of the Horse-due to personal and health issues, GO moved to a new location which meant rebuilding and starting all over again. Although the move gifted the horses with 67 acres of horse heaven, transition is hard-needed to let the horses take a break, and took the year to regroup and heal. In 2015, GO began work in their new community, rehomed 27 horses, and gained 501(c)3 Nonprofit status.  GO is very excited to be able to expand programs, accept tax-exempt donations, and provide more opportunities for volunteering and community service in 2016.

Please contact us if you'd like to get involved!