All horses on this page are available for sponsorship at varying levels, and many are available for adoption, lease, or foster.  Please visit the adoption page for more information, and contact us with any questions about the horses or the process!


Horses in Training

These are horses with whom we have begun the evaluation and training process. We may or may not have begun riding them. They require further training and some require further behavioral rehab before they are ready to hit the trails or a show ring. As they receive further training at GO, their adoption fees will rise accordingly the more they learn and the more we learn about what they enjoy doing and where they excel.

Companion Horses

Due to various long-term illnesses or injuries, these horses are only available as pasture pals to approved homes as companions for other horses, animals and people. They may have regular health needs such as special hoof trims or medicine. Companion horses are adoptable for only $100.



Ponies & Miniature Horses 

The minis and ponies range widely in size, age, experience and ability. Some are already trained for riding and strong enough to bear a child or small adult. 

Program Horses

These horses assist with lesson, therapy, and horsemanship programs and may be available to the right adoptive home.